Sending a Check by Secure Email

PLEASE NOTE: we can also give discount and make manual invoice for your purchase by contacting us at

Then you can just send a Check (Made out to "Electro Ride") or special Paypal invoice to get the discount.

The procedure below just helps us to auto-generate your invoice, it does not charge your card. If you don't have a card then just email us.

Secure Email Procedure:

You will need a credit card for validation to do this method of payment. Your card will NOT be charged, it is for verification only.


1. Click "Add To Cart" or "View Cart" to get to shopping cart.

2. Click radio button "Send Your Order through Secure Email" below shopping cart.

3. Click "Check Out" (NOT "Check Out with Paypal").

4. Put in the billing address on your card.

5. If your shipping address is same as billing check the box below, otherwise put in the shipping address and click "Continue".

6. On the next page you see the Grand Total. Enter your credit card information below. You will NOT be charged.

7. After entering credit card info, you can enter any special order instruction such as "Sending a Check".

8. Click on "Submit Order" and wait. This will generate an invoice.

9. We will email ASAP after Secure Email Procedure so you can send check or Paypal to ElectroRide for 3% off the GRAND Total on your invoice.