Comfort Bikes: The Day 6TM Semi-Recumbent

Day 6TM.....The Most Comfortable Bicycles Ever Made. Ever!

Day 6TM Bicycles offer safety and comfort similar to a recumbent but with the look and feel of a standard upright bike. The extended wheelbase and forward-positioned pedals allow riders to easily place their feet flat on the ground. All Day 6TM come with a contour seat--a medical grade seat with padded back and lumbar support. The swept-back handlebars combined with feet-forward position provide a surprisingly comfortable ride. Just add a power-assist kit designed for a regular bike to create a lovely ride.

Note: If you plan to buy a motor conversion kit (see below) take $100 off the cost of your Day 6TM bike.

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Our most economical bicycle, Dream8 has one shifter and a rear derailleur for simplicity and it comes standard with every comfort feature and the acclaimed ergonomics of our higher priced bicycles. 

Super comfortable, safe, and amazingly fun to ride, the Dream8 is a fantastic bicycle for flat to moderate hills and trails.  This is our number one selling bike in Florida and Kansas and other flat areas. There is no better bicycle for hitting the trails! Great beach cruiser too!

Kenda Komfort Tires  26x1.95
Tektro Rim Brakes
Double Wall Rims
8 Speed Sram X4 Twist Shifter
Sram X4 Derailleur
Custom Day 6TM:   16" Contour Seat      (other standard bicycle seats available)
Custom Day 6TM:   Ergo S'port Backrest
Custom Day 6TM:   Aluminum EZ Reach Handlebars
Custom Day 6TM:   6061 Aluminum U-First Frame
250 Pound Weight Capacity

Large: Dark Metallic Charcoal  (Fits People from Approximately 5'5 to 6'5)              
Small: Dark Metallic Green (Fits People from Approximately 5' to 5'10)
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Day 6TM With Phoenix II CRYSTALYTE Hub

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Day 6TM Dream Review
June 23, 2008 - Bikes, Commuter Bikes, Reviews

In my many days of riding bikes, Iíve pretty much ridden most types of bikes that are available. From foldables, to skate bikes, Iím sure Iíve been on it already. But it wasnít until I met the Day 6 Dream that I felt like I was introduced to a new type of bike. This bike really isnít your typical recumbent, nor is it a mountain bike. Itís as if a mountain bike and a recumbent had some steamy love affair and out popped the Day 6 Dream.

Some would assume that recumbent-type bikes are for the older riders. But here is whatís surprising about the Dream: itís really a nice ride. I donít care if youíre 12 or 90, if you were to get on this bike youíll find that the bike offers a very nice ride. Sure, the comfy seat and backrest provide you with more comfort than an old Cadillac. But donít be mistaken thinking that this bike is a dog. Nope, this puppy can fly!

I canít really say how fast I was able to get this bike to go since I didnít have a cyclo-computer, but itís not shy when it comes to flexing its muscles.

One of my main concerns about this bike was the fork. It has a long sweeping rake on it that reminds me of a pitchfork. Basically I was afraid that through the use of the bike, the fork would give or have some catastrophic break down. Well, after many attempts of doing bunny hops and jumping off the curb, my big, hulking mass of a bodyÖweighing in at 202lbs (at the time of the test-but now Iím 187lbs!), the fork never showed signs of metal or welding fatigue. In fact, this bike really surprised me on how nimble it was. The Dream ended up becoming one of the bikes in my stable that Iíve come to enjoy riding. I found myself riding this bike more when it came to trips to the store or doing quick errands.

I really enjoyed the built-in saddle/backrest bag that allowed me to store my wallet, water bottles, keys, locks, and ice cream. I think more bikes should be like the Dream and come with some sort of practical storage unit that is screamingÖĒuse me!Ē

Climbing on the Dream was no different than any other bike, actually I found it to be easier than a regular bike. One benefit of having this recumbent-like geometry is the bikeís climbing prowess. All I had to do was push my back against the rest, get a full leg extension and pedal! I never experienced pain in my lower back during and after climbing and the cushioned back rest was strong enough to handle the force I was giving it.

Super fun!
Comfy riding
Relaxed geometry
Great blue color!
Built in storage
Full adjustable seat and back rest boom
Strong frame
Great tires-excellent choice! ďKenda Komfort 26 x 1.95Ē
2 water bottle mounts
Fast and nimble
Disc brake compatible
Easy to assemble

Itís longer than your average bikeÖthen again so is my Xtracycle
Transporting this bike could become a potential problem. Youíll have to be creative on how you mount it on your trunk or hitch mount rack.

Overall the bike did really well during the testing period. The wheels stayed true, derailleurs stayed tuned, brakes worked every time. My favorite part of testing the Day 6 Dream was making sure the frame was legit. I literally put myself in harmís way in order to make sure this product held up to its promised intentions as well my expectations.