Most accessories are available at your local bicycle dealer.   Those below may not be.

#AC-RR         Rear Rack         $99


Attaches to rear drop out and brake boss on standard Day 6

Attaches to rear drop out and inserts on chain stay on electric Day 6  (shown above)

Heavy duty design will hold a trunk back and panniers

AC-TB          Trunk Bag            $44


There are many trunk bags available but we like this one for the following reasons.

-  Four velcro straps quickly secure bag to rack without the straps going between rack and tire.

-  Has reflective thermal lining to keep items cool or warm.

-  13  1/2 x 7 x 6

-  Carry handle

-  Soft sides can be pressed down if backrest needs to be lowered for shorter people.

-  External rear pocket.

-  Great for holding rack batteries.

#AC-FB     Front Wire Basket    $26


We have looked at a lot of front baskets and found that most of them are not able to carry a lot of weight.  This one mounts to the handle bars with struts that attach to the fork for a very solid connection that can actually hold something heavier like milk, fruit, or your dog. 


- Top opening is 14  1/2 x 9  1/2

- Bottom dimension is 12 x 6  1/2

- 9" deep

- Black, white, or plate

- Front struts need to be cut to fit 'L' brackets on brake boss. 

#AC-KS     Kickstand         $22


Heavy duty kickstand is easy to install and has positive lock.

This is the upgraded kickstand we use on our electric bicycles.

Swagman G10 Folded Toward Vehicle

#64681      Swagman G10        $330


2 Bike Rack

Folds up toward your vehicle for compact, out of the way storage

Folds down away from vehicle while loaded so you have access to your vehicle

Fits 2" and 1 1/4" receivers

Locking hitch pin and cable included

Padded hooks are easily adjustable up and down

Swagman XTC2

#64670       Swagman XTC2       $237


2 Bike Rack

Side arms fold toward the middle when not in use

Center arm folds down to access vehicle

Fits 2" and 1 1/4" receivers

Locking hitch pin and cable sold separately