Kits to Convert Bikes to Electric: Crystalyte Hubs
We are now able to get stock by fast air shipment from Cystalyte.
This allows us to restock motors in 1-2 weeks IF no Chinese Holidays like CNY.
Due to increased international shipment costs and air shipment,
there is a surcharge on motors of $29 for no controller, $10 no display and $59 for no battery.
For lowest motor price, full kit configuration including controller, display and battery is required.

Crystalyte H Series Hub Motor Kits For Pedicabs, Trikes and Bikes:
H3525 (Super Brute)  |  H3540 (Brute)  |  H3548 (Cruiser)
H3025 (Super Brute)  |  H3040 (Brute)  |  H3048 (Cruiser) Light Weight!
H4065 (Super Brute)  |  H4080 (Brute)  |  H40100 (Cruiser) Heavy Duty!

Crystalyte SAW400 Series Mini Hubs 
Powerful and Light Weight--can also fit 16" Wheel Builds:

SAW412 (Super Brute)  |  SAW408 (Brute)  |  SAW406 (Cruiser)   |  SAW404 (Racer)

Crystalyte CROWN TC30XX and TC40XX Series 
Rear Hub For Tadpole Trike, Cargo and Power Bikes, Motorcycle:

TC3065 (Super Brute) | TC3080 (Brute) | TC30100 (Cruiser)
TC4065 (Super Brute) | TC4080 (Brute) | TC40100 (Cruiser)

Includes powerful direct drive front hub motor laced in a double walled rim, a 25-40A regen capable infineon controller, wiring accessories,
the latest V2 or V3 Cycle Analyst, and your choice of throttle.

For heavy Pedicab use, we offer to upgrade the motor with Statorade Injection for Improved Heat Conductivity.

This is a very popular kit for people doing fast pedicab and trike builds with throttle control.
Choose Your Options:
Motor Style:
Dropout or Thru Axle:
Axle Length:
Ebrake for Regen
Torque Arm: Info
Wheel Build:
Upgrade Motor With Statorade Injection?:
Include Tidy Wiring Kit?:
Battery: Info
ElectroRide Ultra are Durable and Compact--65Amps continuous!

Sale on Batteries for Enduro
Cargo/Battery Mount:
Thorn Resist Tubes:

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Motor Kits Start
Only $299
with full kit and battery!

*Battery sizes are also available at similar cost up to 15-17 Ah in Shark Style Case, but with lower current 35-45 Amp instead of 65 Amp.
Custom battery sizes are available on request.
*Range Estimates for batteries above assume 80% max discharge for longevity,
and are based on optimal conditions: FLAT ground, 170 lb. rider @20 MPH steady cruise.
**Pedaling can as much as double your range in some cases**

*Updated Speed Estimates below are based on ElectroRide ULTRA! High Performance Lithium-Nickel/Manganese/Cobalt Batteries
ElectroRide ULTRA! Batteries are 65A/100A peak high current batteries, with minimal voltage drop at 40 Amps.
*Assuming quality low resistance 8-10 AWG on discharge port AND wire harness from battery to controller.
*Can not guarantee speed estimate below for third party, Shark Style case, lower current batteries
or for heavier trikes, cargo bikes and pedicabs.
*Estimates are based on optimal conditions: FLAT ground, 170 lb. rider, decent two wheel bike, no pedalling.
*52V 40 Amp or 2080 Watt is about 3-5% more speed than 48V 40 Amp.
*700C is about 5% faster than 26". 29er is 5-10% faster than 26".
*24" is about 5% slower than 26" speed estimate, but 8% higher torque than 26".
*Speeds will be highest at full charge.
37V batteries are 42V peak, 48V are 54.6V peak, 52V are 58.8V peak, and 74V are 84V peak.
*Cycle Analyst V3 Cruise control, autocruise, and 3 speed switch can instantly lower top speed and/or current
when needed for more efficiency and for safety and legality when street riding.

H3040R UFO, H3525R, TC3080 Freewheel Side
H3040R UFO, H3540R, TC3080

H3525 Super Brute: Performance, Voltage & Wheel Size

H3025, H3525, H4065, TC3065, TC4065 similar rpm

System Volts Amps Watts

Super Brute Super High Torque Motor
Top Speed

26" Wheel 20" Wheel
3740 37V 40A 1480W 23mph
Steep Hills
Steeper Hills
4840 48V 40A 1920W 30mph
Steep Hills
Steeper Hills
7440 74V 40A 2960W 35mph
Steep Hills
Steeper Hills

H3540 Brute: Performance, Voltage & Wheel Size

H3040, H3540, H4080, TC3080, TC4080 similar rpm

System Volts Amps Watts

Brute High Torque Motor
Top Speed

26" Wheel 20" Wheel
3740 37V 40A 1480W 28mph
Steep Hills
4840 48V 40A 1920W 33mph
Steep Hills
7440 74V 40A 2960W 40mph+
Steep Hills

H3548 Cruiser:Performance, Voltages & Wheel Size

H3048, H3548, H40100, TC30100, TC40100 similar rpm

System Volts Amps Watts

Cruiser High Torque Motor
Top Speed

26" Wheel 20" Wheel
3740 37V 40A 1480W 33mph
Steep Hills
4840 48V 40A 1920W 40mph
Steep Hills
7440 74V 40A 2960W 50mph+
Steep Hills

Restocking fee of 10% will be applied to cancelled orders. Restocking fee of 20% for the battery portion of the order only. Exchanges may be exempt from this fee depending on situation.

Click Here for the Crystalyte Motor Kit Warranty

*DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE NUTS on the AXLE! This WILL strip the axle bolts.
*Re-true spokes (if necessary) within the first 200 miles of use to ensure long lifetime of ANY wheel build.
*Torque arms are required for safety in front hubs.
*NEVER mount controllers inside a bag or box. Controllers have fins on them so they can be air cooled and they are sealed to protect them from the elements.
*Range estimate for batteries assumes a safe 70% depth discharge, NO PEDAL assist, and level terrain. Pedaling will increase range.
*We UNDERESTIMATE the range on purpose. Maximum range should be determined by monitoring Volts and Amps Hours on the Cycle Analyst or other E-Display, not miles.
*Take only short trips for first few charge cycles. Batteries that are new or have not been used for a while are unbalanced, so a "break in" period will increase performance and lifetime.