Kits to Convert Bikes to Electric: The KINETIC8-FUN Mid Drive
Mid Drive Motor Kits
power the bike using the chain via motor attached to the front chain ring.

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The KINETIC8-FUN mid drive mounts in place of your current bike's bottom bracket and replaces your bike's crank set and front derailler if you have one. 

Your donor bike must have 68-73mm bottom bracket width. That means this kit will bolt onto almost any bicycle. But not fat bikes. For this use the new 1000W which will work with fat bikes 100-120mm bottom brackets.

Many people have found that the KINETIC8-FUN mid drive can actually be mounted to many types of trikes, which can be fun since many trikes are not good candidates for hub motor kits.


KINETIC8-FUN mid drive or hub motor kit?

Why a KINETIC8-FUN mid drive over a hub motor kit?

  • The weight of the mid drive system (only 9 pounds) is very low and is in the center of the bike providing perfect balance. When weight is low and centered like this it can actually make the bike more stable (like a keel on a sailboat).
  • The ability to use the gearing of  the bike so you can climb big hills in low gear or go fast (up to 30mph) in a very high gear.
  • No more heavy weight in the wheel means the bike will be much more agile going over off road terrain and safer to jump.
  • The controller is built into the motor which means it is a tighter system with less wires to hide.

Thats not to say mid drive system such as the KINETIC8-FUN have drawbacks.

  • It is harder to install than a traditional hub motor kit.
  • It is not as easy as riding with a hub motor as you need to think about what gear you are in and make sure not to shift under load.
  • It cannot be hot rodded like a hub motor kit.

Product Description

1. KINETIC8-FUN central motor/controller
2. LCD display
3. Chain wheel and chain cover
4. Crank
5. Speed sensor and magnet
6. Brake lever
7. Thumb throttle
8. Nuts
9. User manual

Choose Your Options:
Mid Drive:
Chain Wheel:
The 42 Tooth Bling has great torque and most likely to reuse chain without modifying size.
Premium Crank Arms:
Battery: Info
ElectroRide Ultra are Durable and Compact--65Amps continuous!

Sale on Batteries for Enduro
Cargo/Battery Mount:

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*Battery sizes are also available at similar cost up to 15-17 Ah in Shark Style Case, but with lower current 35-45 Amp instead of 65 Amp.
Custom battery sizes are available on request.
*Range Estimates for batteries above assume 80% max discharge for longevity,
and are based on optimal conditions: FLAT ground, 170 lb. rider @20 MPH steady cruise.
**Pedaling can as much as double your range in some cases**

    Montague Paratrooper with KINETIC8-FUN Mid Drive


 We offer a 90 day warranty from the time of purchase. We do not cover blown controllers. In the event of a blown controller in the first 90 days we will sell you a replacement 3077 controller at a discounted price and it is an easy job to replace it. 

Restocking fee of 10% will be applied to cancelled orders. Restocking fee of 20% for the battery portion of the order only. Exchanges may be exempt from this fee depending on situation.