The Montague Community

People come to us from all corners of the world each with an individual need for a Montague bicycle.

There are obviously countless uses for our folding bikes, but we have put together a list of the more common ones to help you understand the versitality of our bikes. But, as mentioned, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
How will you use your Montague?
Private pilots across the country enjoy the convenience and portability of Montague bikes. Stowed conveniently in the hold of even the smallest aircraft, Montagues still leave room for other gear. So, wherever you land, Montague has you fully equipped for any off-road adventure.
Boaters love the flexibility and convenience of having a Montague bike on board. Pull into port, pull out your Montague mountain bike and have high-performance wheels to take you wherever you want to go!

Montague bikes are all full-size bicycles that fold simply to fit compactly into the hold of a boat. Exploring the mountain bike trails inland or just doing the supply runs to and from town, Montague has a variety of models that fit your riding requirements and fold to fit in your boat.
You can take it with you – without the hassle of a bike rack! Whether it’s a business trip, a camping trip or just a weekend drive in the country, store your bike in your trunk and have the freedom to go for a ride whenever you want!

Montague bikes are the only full-size high-performance mountain bikes that can fold to fit in the trunk of a compact car. Whatever your vehicle: sedan, SUV, truck, etc, in less than 30 seconds your bike can be locked safely in the back – no tools, no roof rack, no hassle!
From Portsmouth to Peru, you can take your Montague bike with you whatever your destination. With our Airliner hardcase you can easily transport your bike anywhere in the world! The bike folds simply into a case that can be checked as airline luggage. It is very easy to get your Montague bike into taxis, rental cars, and in and out of hotel rooms when using the Airliner.
Avoid the jams in the city. Keep fit on your journey to work. Montague bikes are easy to carry in elevators and can be stored snugly into a closet or under your desk at work. Take your bike on the train and make those final blocks to work on your bike. Store your bike in your trunk for sunny days when you can park in a remote lot and bike the rest of the way to work.
Whether you are a city dweller, a student or just space constrained, Montague bikes offer you a high-performance ride with the added convenience of portability and stowability! Gone are the days of hanging your bike in the hall or leaving it locked up outside at the mercy of bike thieves and the weather. Montague bikes can be folded neatly into a carrying case and stored out of the way in a closet or under a bed.
Whether you are cruising the canyons in your motorhome, meandering across the plains with your trailer or just away for a weekend of rural retreat in your camper, Montague bikes offer you the flexibility to take your bikes with you without the hassle or eye-sore of an external bike carrier.

Montague bikes can be folded into a carrying case and tucked out of the way, clean and dry, leaving you plenty of room for your other gear.
The Sportsman’s alternative to an ATV or walking. With minimal noise, low maintenance and easy deployment on almost any terrain, the Paratrooper Mountain Bike is the ideal means for scouting game trails or accessing remote sites not open to motorized vehicles.

The bike can be equipped with a tow trailer or rack for carrying your gear or game and it compacts for easy storage in your truck or the hold of an airline. Stow it on your next trip out west and avoid the hassle of a mile-long walk-in to your spike camp.