The Montague Community

We are constantly receiving notes and calls from people who have used our bikes to travel to some pretty cool places.

We love to see your photos and hear your stories from your adventures around the world. Here are a few of our favorites.

Chris Allison is a community service volunteer spending the next two years building communities, teaching children, and developing transportation infrastructure in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. He has taken a Paratrooper along for the trip as one of his primary means of transportation. Chris will be showcasing his work and experiences traveling and working in Papua New Guinea on his blog: WheelsDown.

Already Chris has endured airline travel halfway around the world with his Paratrooper. Here he gives step by step instructions on how to cram one's entire life including a bike into two checkable suitcases. Awesome.


I would like to let you know how much I have enjoyed using your Paratrooper folding bikes.

My big problem had been that, when I landed the Cessna 182 and various remote locations, any kind of transportation, after landing, was very limited.

One case in point was Tuweep Airstrip, near the lower part of the Grand Canyon. I had landed there before, but since the strip was six miles from the rim, I could not get there and back in a reasonable time frame. I saw your ad in the AOPA Pilots magazine and then ordered two of the Paratroopers, which just fit in the rear seat of the Cessna.

The pictures included are of the second landing at Tuweep. A friend of mine and I landed, unloaded the bikes and headed off for the rim, taking in various side roads and sites as we went along. The bikes performed perfectly as you can see by the pictures. We had a great time showing them off to the few tourists that braved the 60 mile dirt road to get in there. (Only six miles for us!) Upon returning to the plane, we set up camp for the night, loading up the bikes and departing the next morning.

I am looking forward to many more adventures using these remarkable bikes. I have used other folding bikes before, but they never came close to the performance of these Paratroopers. Thanks, Bob J., California

Several years ago I bought a pair of Montague folding bikes. We purchased the crosstown model because it is a hybrid between a city touring bike and a mountain bike. It is very rugged. It is a full size bike, which does not look like a folding bike at all. The folding mechanism is around the vertical post so there is no reduction of the structural integrity of the bike. We fold them up and put them in our cardinal C177B with no problem. Great for touring along Cape Cod. J.N., Cessna Pilot.
These are the pictures from England I told you about. I had some fantastic rides while there. The first one is in front of a 10th century Saxon church near Beccles in Norfolk. The second is on the final stretch of the Boadecia trail. I love the bike, I take it with me on trips as often as I can. Richard O., Oregon
For several years my wife and I had traveled with regular mountain bikes, wheels removed in bags in the back of our C182H. The 2 of us are usually the only occupants so the rear seat is generally out. Set up or take down and packing the bikes usually took less than 20 minutes. That seemed to be the best option until Montague came out with their new model folding bike about 2 or 3 years ago. This is a very well made bike that overcame my concerns and objections to the previous model and other makes of folding or compact bikes.

They fold quickly without tools but seem as solid as our regular bikes when assembled. Components are good quality. They fit easily into the cloth bags we were previously using. Bags are not essential, but they are helpful in keeping the airplane interior clean. Montague makes several styles of folding bikes on the same frame. Components vary based on whether you plan mostly riding on paved surfaces, serious off road, or a mix. We have been very happy with our bikes. Mike M., Cessna pilot

I thought that you may like to see your bikes that were used regularly on my recent 2 weeks in the Mediterranean. Bob L., Florida
I’m back from my trip in the West with two bikes and the airplane. The timing was perfect as we received the bikes the same morning we arrived in Phoenix. The 2 folding CXs have proved to be essential every day, as we used them commuting from the several airports we landed at to the nearby villages. We have also been biking at the Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Lake Powell.

A lot of people stared at us and commented on the beauty of your product. We made a lot of promotion among the pilots we met, and I guess you are likely to receive an order from a fellow pilot living in the Glendale, AZ area.

We want to thank you for your professionalism in dealing with us, as well as Montague for manufacturing such a beautiful piece of technology. I wish you a great summer. Ciao! Andra G., Italy

You can find a picture of your bike at the top of Spirit Mountain near Cody, Wyoming. Joel W., Nevada
I own a Schwinn Montague with an 18” frame I bought in August 1993. Interestingly enough, my bike has been trail riding in Maine in March, through ice, snow, and 4’ deep puddles. It has ridden on volcanic rock on Kaena Point, Oahu, Hawaii. It was on the infamous “Ride to the Buddha Temple”, Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It has been to see the cliff divers in Acapulco, Mexico. And even Singapore, India, United Arab Emirates, Panama, Fiji, Australia, and now it is in Florida with me.

The folding feature has been invaluable in that I would not have been able to take it on many of my trips were it not for that, and many other times much convenience would have been lost. I want to express my appreciation at your product as it certainly made my life much more interesting. Thanks. Joel C., California