3D design drawing of a Montague bike
By now you have noticed that Montague bicycles are different from all others. In addition to our innovative technology, our bikes were designed with the philosophy that performance comes first - the folding aspect is secondary. Most people in the bike industry agree that bicycles of the future will fold, but that is where the agreement ends. We design full-size, high-performance bicycles that fold, not folding bicycles.

Other folding bike manufacturers compromise on the ride quality of the bike when they use small "circus-style" wheels. Montague is different; our bikes use standard, full-size wheels that millions of bikes use all around the globe. These wheel sizes have been chosen by a countless number of riders and all major bike companies because they offer by far the best stability, rolling resistance, and obstacle clearance.

A WORD ON SMALL WHEEL "CIRCUS STYLE" FOLDING BIKES: Small wheels offer, well, small performance. When compared to standard bicycle wheels, the small wheels found on most folding bikes sink into smaller potholes, offer less stability, create more rolling resistance, force you to use an increased gearing ratio to go the same speed, and when you get a flat tire, tubes are not readily available at any bike shop.