3D design drawing of a Montague bike
Montague engineers don't stop after designing great frame geometries.

Materials used in frame construction are equally important.

So our engineers, looking to the aircraft industry, have developed state of the art custom drawn 7005 series, aircraft grade aluminum tubing that is used on every bike we sell. Sure, it would be easier and less expensive to use the same old round steel tubes that everyone else uses, but then our bikes would ride just like everyone else's, an option we just can't accept.

Our trend-setting frame materials are then welded together in our state of the art welding facility making a frame that is stiff both laterally and in torsion.

Finally, our frames are finished with a 5-layer anti-corrosion finishing process allowing them to last longer and look better. All this adds up to a frame that will last a lifetime and is guaranteed to do so (see limited lifetime warranty for details).