Accessing BionX Diagnostic Mode

Last Reviewed: Mon, 27/Mar/2017

1. Accessing Diagnostic Mode

Follow our BionX console code access instruction and enter code 3772 to access Diagnostic mode.

2. Reading the screen in Diagnostic Mode

When you're in Diagnostic mode you'll notice the screen is blank except for 5 small digits in the lower left corner and, in the case of G1 consoles only, two lagre digits above these (these two large digits are not importand). The 5 small digits represent 3 possible pieces of information:

The right most 3 digits "00XXX" represent your battery voltage and should be read as a 3 digit number with a decimal point. So for example if you see "00319" that should be read as "31.9" volts.

The left most 2 digits "XX000" can represent 2 things. If you are riding, they will show the strain gauge readout from 00 to 30. If you are not riding and there is an error it will flash "ER" and the "30."
3. Battery Voltage

The voltages listed below apply to batteries that are either new or slightly used. As the battery gets older it's maximum charge level will decrease gradually.

BionX model Battery Type Fully Charged Voltage
P250 24V-Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) 27 volts
P350 36V-Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) 40.5 volts
PL250 24V-Lithium (LiMn) 28.5 volts
Pl350 DT 36V-Lithium (LiMn), Down Tube Mount 41 volts
PL350 RR M 36V-Lithium (LiMn), Rear Rack "Medium" 41 volts
PL350 RR L 36V-Lithium (LiMn), Rear Rack "Large" 41 volts
PL350XL DT 48V-Lithium, Down Tube Mount 52 volts
PL350XL RR PL350XL, 48V-Lithium, Rear Rack Mount 52 volts

4. Error Codes

Error codes will be preceded by "ERR" and then the error number. For example, ERR... 25 = error 25. A complete list of error codes may be helpful.

Code Description Course of Action
20 Motor circuit board error A) Check connections B) Motor may need to be repaired or replaced, contact your dealer.
21 Motor circuit board error A) Check connections B) Motor may need to be repaired or replaced, contact your dealer.
22 Motor circuit board error A) Check connections B) Motor and/or battery may need to be repair or replaced, contact your dealer.
23 Battery overheated or voltage too low/high Let battery sit for 2 hrs off bike, attempt to charge.
25 Battery voltage low Charge battery or attempt low voltage battery recovery
26 No communication between Console and Battery Check connections and focus on those between console and battery. If this occurs in conjunction with PowerProt error, try replacing the console dock.
27 Real Time Clock not detected A) Check connections B) Battery may need to be repair or replaced, contact your dealer.
28 6V/12V Accessory not connected Not a problem unless the accessory is connected and not working.
40 see error 26 See error 26
41 Strain gauge maxed out You'll see this when you step really hard on the pedals. If it goes away when you're not touching the pedals then don't worry about it. If it stays there after you release the pedals, contact your dealer.
55 No communication between Motor and Console Check connections and focus the plugs near the motor.
60 6V/12V accessory over-current Measure current coming out of accessory port and contact your dealer for further support.
61 Battery balancer error Let battery cool down with charger disconnected and try charging again. Try BionX battery gauge recalibration. You may need to get your battery repaired or replaced. Contact your dealer .
62 Battery balancer error Drain battery to almost empty, let cool for 1 hour, charge battery
63 Battery pack error You may need to get your battery repaired or replaced. Contact your dealer.
66 Battery circuit breaker tripped (48V only) This doesn't relate to the automotive fuse. Remove battery and let sit for 15 minutes. Disconnect motor. Put battery back on bike and see if you still get error code. If no code, remove battery and reconnect motor, and you're good to go. If it you still get code 66, try previous steps again and then contact your dealer to get support.
67 see error 21 see error 21
POWERPROT Motor not receiving enough voltage from battery Check all connections and battery bracket. Double check the console dock, if it's too tight or too loose on the handlebar it can cause this problem. Check the wires running to the motor - they may be damaged or frayed. If they are, send to BionX for repair or replace it.

Power Prot by itself or with only error code 55 pretty much always indicates a problem with the motor. Test with a working motor to confirm and/or send to BionX for repair, or replacement. PowerProt plus Error 26 can indicate a console-to-battery communication issue. Try replacing the console dock.

5. Strain Gauge

The strain gauge is what detects the motion when you pedal. If it is not working you will not get any assistance. To test the strain gauge:

1. Turn on BionX
2. Enter Diagnostic Mode
3. Put front wheel of bike against wall and hold front brake
4. Put your foot on the left pedal and push down hard while watching the scree
5. Do you see a group of 5 digits on the screen? The left-most two digits represent a value from the straing gauge. When yu press on the pedals these number should go up and when you release pressure they should return to "00"
6. Make sure you vary how hard you press down and see if the bar responds according to how hard you press. If the numbers changed according to how hard you pressed down then the straing gauge is working properly. If ther was no change you either have a nonworking strain gauge (nonworking motor) or a connection issue that has not been found.

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