Calculating Expected Range - It's Simple!

Last Reviewed: Sat, 18/Mar/2017

- Capacity (AH Rating): The Amp Hour rating of a battery is a measurement of how much energy can be stored, much like the size of your car's fuel tank. It can be quite frustrating trying to make a 20 mile commute with a battery that will only get you 10 miles, but there is an easy way to estimate how many Amp Hours you'll need to make your journey. Just like gas engines, the more powerful the engine or motor, the less mileage you'll get. Your riding habits will also make a large impact on range. There are many variables involved with range, but the following math should offer a "worst case scenario", like riding full throttle up an incline the entire ride. If you already have experience with your ebike and know the "average wattage" of your riding habits, you can use that number to get an "average range estimate" with a certain battery.


1. Know the max wattage of your electric bike or ebike kit.
2. Know the top speed of your ebike.
3. Calculate the "Watt Hours" of the battery you are interested in by multiplying "Volts x Amp Hours = Watt Hours".
4. Divide "Watt Hours" of the battery by the max wattage of your ebike, which equals your full throttle riding time in hours.
5. Then multiply the answer by your top speed to get your worst case scenario estimated range!


1. Max wattage of ebike = 1000W
2. Top Speed of ebike = 20mph
3. Battery in question is 48V 20AH. So 48V x 20AH = 960Wh
4. 960Wh / 1000W = .96 hours of riding time (Full Throttle)
5. 20mph x .96 = 19.2 Miles

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