Glossary of Terms

Last Reviewed: Mon, 27/Mar/2017

Amp Hours (AH) = storage capacity (like number of gallons a gas tank can hold). Amp Hours relate to range or distance in the e-bike world.
Battery = one or more cells with a single set of output leads (like 4 AA cells in a 4-cell holder)
Battery Management System (BMS) = A circuit that provides LVC and balancing functions
Cell = one unit (like a single AA cell)
Voltage = difference in electrical potential (like fuel pressure)
Current (Amps) = amount of energy being supplied (like amount of gas being burned per mile)
Load = device being powered (e-bike, AC inverter, lighting, etc)
Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) = the limit to which a cell or battery can safely be discharged. Once a cell or battery has been discharged below LVC, permanent damage has occurred.
C Rating = All lithium cells and batteries have a manufacturer specified C rating which indicates how much current can be supplied by that cell/battery at any given time. To determine the lithium cell's current supplying capabilities, multiply the C rating of the cell /battery by the amp hour rating of the same cell/battery. Example: A 10AH cell/battery rated at 5C can supply 50A continuous (10AH x 5C = 50A).

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