Hub Motors

Last Reviewed: Mon, 27/Mar/2017

True Hub Motor versus Motor-in-the-Hub
A true hub motor has no gears, pulleys, sprockets, chains, or any other mechanical transfer of power to the wheel but electromagnetic force. The other kind of hub motor looks like a true hub motor, but is not. It's actually a motor inside a hub, mounted to the stationary axle, and driving a ring or planetary gear inside of the hub. ElectricRider's Phoenix motors are true hub motors. ElectricRider's G-Series motors use a planetary gear.

Advantages of true hub

  • no internal parts to wear out
  • higher top speeds
  • quieter

Advantages of motor-in-the-hub

  • more torque at initial take-off and low speeds
  • uses power more efficiently to make torque
  • smaller diameter
  • lighter weight

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