Low Voltage Cutoff

Last Reviewed: Mon, 27/Mar/2017

Low Voltage Cutoff
When most types of batteries are at rest, their voltage will climb to nearly their fully charged level. However, when a load (something that makes the battery supply current) is applied to the battery, the voltage will drop substantially if the battery is discharged. Our controllers have a circuit called "low voltage cutoff" (LVC). When your batteries are discharged to their limit, the controller will limit the current draw to the battery's capability to maintain output above its LVC. This gives a "limp-in" mode that gives you a low speed way to get where you're going. If you do not use the controller's LVC, a battery that uses a BMS will cut off immediately with no further output. All lithium batteries MUST be shut off when any cell reaches its LVC or permanent damage will occur.

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