Last Reviewed: Mon, 27/Mar/2017

Compatibility with Bicycle Frames
Almost every time someone puts a Phoenix motor on an aluminum front fork, the motor tears the dropouts from the fork. The result is that the wheel takes off without the bike, and you're left behind. Do not put a Phoenix motor on an aluminum front fork. The good news is that most manufacturers who advertise an aluminum frame use a steel front fork, so grab a magnet off the refrigerator to take shopping. If it sticks, it's steel or Cromoly. If it doesn't stick, it's aluminum. You can use a Phoenix rear motor on aluminum IF the rear dropout is substantial, IE a plate rather than just a circular dropout.

Choosing a Frame

We believe there are many, many good choices of bicycles, and everyone can find more than one frame or style that is comfortable and suits their needs well. The ability to offer choices was one of the primary drivers behind our initial investment in hub technologies in 2003. The approach we recommend is to visit your local bike shops. Educate yourself on what is available, and speak to the people about electric power systems. We caution that most bike shops still see their primary customers as traditional pedal bicyclists who want a bike that weighs 10 ounces. If they don't like the idea of electrifying one of their bikes, go to a different store. More and more bike shops are selling our systems. They are finding a whole new set of customers in the commuter market, and those who are embracing electric power are growing.

Front Suspension Forks

The Phoenix motor is too powerful for any stock production bicycle suspension fork.

Mixing water and electronics
We do not advise riding electric bikes on slippery surfaces, especially commuter motors like Phoenix. They are too powerful for wet road conditions, and a wheel can easily spin out from under you if you give it too much throttle. The controller is not waterproof. Normally you can keep your controller inside your cargo bag for protection. If you controller overheats, it may be necessary to move it to the bungees on top of the bag. The motor is not waterproof, but water would have to be forced into it. Water, once evaporated, will not cause permanent damage, but repeated exposure to water over a long period of time may rust the magnets. ElectricRider can refurbish motors.

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