Last Reviewed: Mon, 27/Mar/2017

ElectricRider services its own warranties. We have a Service Center than can repair most everything we sell, and if we can't repair it, we will replace it out of our stock.

Motor: 90 days
Controller: 30 days
Generic charger: 30 days
Joule charger:  30 days
Soneil charger: 1 year
Throttles: 30 days
SLA (Standard) Batteries: 30 days
Lithium Batteries: 3 months repair/replacement, 3 months pro-rated

Warranty Guidelines: ElectricRider's warranty includes almost all components and parts we sell with the exception of typical "wear" items. The warranty period starts the day the customer receives their order. ElectricRider tests and QC's all electric components before shipping to ensure nothing arrives DOA, however, shipping damage can occur from time to time. If you receive an order with damaged or missing parts, you MUST notify ElectricRider within 3-5 business days of receipt so ElectricRider can seek reimbursement from the freight carrier. For damaged or missing items NOT related to shipping damage, please contact ElectricRider within 5 business days of receipt so we can verify and resolve the matter immediately.

If a product is received DOA (Dead on Arrival), ElectricRider generally covers any related shipping charges. DOA means the product was received defective. If an item is received in working condition but fails within the warranty period, it will be processed according to our Warranty Guidelines above. Warranty does NOT include shipping charges, although logic is used and exceptions are sometimes made.

Just like anything else, reliability is acquired by using the right "tool" for the job. ElectricRider's staff understands the product we sell and are happy to make recommendations based on the information we are provided about your application. When accurate and complete information is provided, it is easy for us to recommend the right products for the job, and the result is reliable transportation.

The purpose of warranty is to protect consumers from manufacturing defects, which can occur from time to time even with the best of products. However, warranty does not cover abuse. Abuse can be defined as pushing a product beyond its intended limits, physical abuse, or using a product in a way other than which it was intended. All products have limits, and while the majority of ElectricRider's products are focused on high performance and power, they also have limits. The products sold by ElectricRider are tried and true for the applications in which they are intended, and some will even take some abuse without ever failing. Signs of obvious abuse are things like melted motor windings, excessive rust/corrosion, and damaged or torn wires. Obvious signs of abuse will not be covered under warranty, but can generally be repaired in ElectricRider's repair department for a reasonable cost.

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