What is a Watt?

Last Reviewed: Mon, 27/Mar/2017

What is a Watt?
A Watt is a measurement of power. It is NOT a measurement of useful power. That is, an inefficient 600W system may not accelerate as fast as an efficient 300W system. If a motor gets too hot to touch by the time the battery is exhausted, it is wasting a lot of energy as heat, and you get no benefit from that heat. The more efficient the motor, the cooler it will run during use. You can exhaust a 12AH battery pack on a Phoenix motor and barely feel heat. That's efficient!

In technical terms, a Watt is Volts times Amps. A 48V controller that will deliver 40 Amps is a 1920 Watt controller (48 X 40 = 1920). This is the rating of the controller, not the motor. Motor watt ratings are not real useful in our application because motor ratings deal with continuous load at continuous speed. We do not believe Watts is a good measurement to use for comparing light electric vehicles because it is misleading. Instead, we use charts that show you actual on-the-road performance.

A large diameter motor, such as the Phoenix, produces a lot more torque given the same amount of power as a small diameter motor.

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