ElectricRider takes pride in offering all the parts needed to service the electric bikes and conversion kits we sell. For us, it isn't a good product if you can't buy parts for it, so we've always maintained a good inventory of plugs, wires, extensions, screws, nuts, rims, spokes, and much more. Our Phoenix systems and other high performance electric bikes are meant for everyday commuting, so stocking all these parts is a crucial element of after-sale support and keeping our systems running past the 50,000 mile mark! If you can't find the part you need on our site, give us a call.....chances are we probably have what you need.

Power your lights, heated gloves, and other accessories off your main ebike battery by using a DC to DC Converter, it's simple! Most bicycle lights run off either 6v or 12v. Most use either AA, AAA, or have a special battery made specifically for that accessory. The problem is that most electric bikes are powered by at least a 24v battery, up to 72v. That's where ElectricRider's new DC to DC Converters come in handy, as they will accept an input voltage of anything from 12-58v from your ebike battery, and will have an output that's set by ElectricRider to match the voltage of the accessory you are trying to power, usually 6v or 12v, and sometimes even 8.4v.

Example: Let's say you have a 36v electric bicycle and a 12v headlight you need to power. ElectricRider's Dcc12 converter (12v output) would plug into your 36v battery's charging port for the input, and into your 12v headlight for the output. This takes the 36v from your ebike battery and converts it to 12v for your headlight, not only eliminating the need for a separate headlight battery, but giving you an extremely long run-time on your headlight! If your headlight already includes a battery, the DC to DC Converter will keep your headlight's battery fully charged at all times while also powering your headlight. That means if you happen to run down your main ebike battery and have to pedal home, you'll still have a fully charged headlight battery to light the way.

You have several plugs to choose from when selecting your DC to DC Converter. The input plug should match your main battery's charging port so the converter can stay plugged into your battery while you ride. The output plug should match your accessory plug. We can also supply the converters with no plug in case we don't offer your plug type, or so you can install your plug of choice.

INPUT PLUG OPTIONS FOR CONVERTER: *Match your ebike battery's charger port*
- 3 Pin XLR: The most common plug used for charging ebike batteries. All ElectricRider batteries use the XLR for charging.
- Anderson Power Poles: Fairly common plug type for ebike batteries.
- Barrel 2.1mm: Fairly rare to see this on an ebike battery, but they do exist.
- No Plug: If we don't offer your plug type, or you wish to install your own plug.

OUTPUT PLUGS OPTIONS FOR CONVERTER: *Match your headlight or accessory plug*
- Anderson Power Poles: Common for some bike accessories.
- Barrel 2.1mm: One of the most common plugs found on bicycle accessories and lights
- No Plug: If we don't offer your accessory's plug type, or you wish to install your own plug.

If you need help selecting the right converter, just call or write and we'll make it easy for you!

Electric bike and E bike kit components are stocked by ElectricRider in order to provide after-sale service and support. These electric bike and conversion kit components include those for Crystalyte, Lashout, Rayos, Gomier, Currie, and many more.

High quality hard cases including S3 Cases make mounting your lithium battery an easy task, and offer great protection to your investment.

ElectricRider offers a variety of bicycle bags, racks, mirrors, kickstands, and other accessories that make your electric bike a safer and more effective mode of transportation.

Motors other than Phoenix and G-Series

Drive belts for lots of scooters and other stuff

Lithium and Lead Acid Batteries

Wheels, rims, spokes, motors in rims

Gears and Sprockets

Tires and tubes for bikes and scooters

Drive chain

Tools to make the job easier

ElectricRider offers both geared and direct drive hub motors for electric bikes. The Phoenix motors are direct drive and the G-Series are geared with a 5:1 ratio.

ElectricRider offers both geared and direct drive hub motors for electric bikes. The Phoenix motors are direct drive and the G-Series are geared with a 5:1 ratio. We use 12g spokes and double wall rims for all hub motor wheel lacing.

Speed controllers for brushed motors and brushless motors


Gauges and Electronic Displays

ElectricRider builds and assembles lithium batteries in-house to assure quality in every aspect. Almost all batteries are built "to order" based on the customers' request for shape or size. Lithium Batteries can be assembled in various configurations, such as long and narrow vs. short and wide. Building our own batteries allows us maximum control over every process involved, and every process is important. ElectricRider can usually accommodate size or shape requests for no additional charge. If an additional charge will be applied to a custom battery build, we will inform you before the order is finalized.

ElectricRider stocks chargers for both lithium batteries and sealed lead acid batteries. All lithium chargers are set for LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) chemistry by default, but can be adjusted by ElectricRider when requested. You can use the special instructions section to specify your requested voltage.

Fuses and automatic-reset circuit breakers

Connectors, extension cables, and wiring

Frame and Cargo Parts

Miscellaneous hardware that may be hard to find

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