BionX 36V 13.2AH Lithium Battery Upgrade Replacement

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BionX 36V 13.2AH Lithium I2C Battery
ElectricRider has designed a capacity upgrade for original BionX I2C lithium batteries for those who have always wanted more range from their original BionX battery. ElectricRider uses cells that are higher capacity, yet produce the same power. In other words, you get more range for the same size/weight of your battery. This option ElectricRider offers to rebuild your I2C battery is very cost effective in comparison to having the BionX system completely replaced. Simply ship us your battery, we rebuild it, and with no hassle you are back on your bike in just a matter of time. Although ElectricRider can rebuild most batteries pre-2009 BionX built some batteries with nickel-metal hydride that unfortunately we can not rebuild, ONLY lithium based batteries.

Warranty: ElectricRider does test the battery before shipping to ensure that it functions properly, but if for any reason the battery arrives DOA (dead on arrival) simply contact us, ship the battery back and we will provide a full product refund.

Note: Once the battery is received there is a reset procedure that you will have to do in order for the battery to function.

**Call (325) 227-6903 or email to determine whether your BionX battery is replaceable**


  •       Old lithium cells replaced with new lithium cells 800-1000 recharge cycles
    For BionX kits no longer supported by BionX (i.e. I2C)
    Most pre-2009 BionX lithium batteries can be rebuilt
    30% increase in capacity compared to the 10AH
BionX Console Does Not Show Proper Battery Charge
If your battery gauge, charge indicator, fuel meter or whatever you want to call it does not show a full charge, follow the instructions below to calibrate it.
Battery Pack Reset - Do this first please!
First we will try to reset the battery pack to be sure it is getting the fullest charge possible. Follow these steps:
1. If you've just finished riding make sure you let the battery sit and cool off for at least 1 hour.
2. Charge your BionX battery fully until the charger light shows green.
3. Ride your bike until the battery gauge shows "empty"
4. Let the battery rest and cool off for at least 1 hour
5. Charge your BionX battery fully until the charger light shows green.
6. Let the battery rest for another 1 hr
7. Charge your BionX battery fully until the charger light shows green.
8. Attach the battery to your bike and turn on the system.
After following the above procedure, the battery should now be as fully charged as possible. The battery should have also reset the high point which it will charge to. Install the battery on your bike and check the battery reading. If the battery gauge still doesn't show full charged you must recalibrate the battery gauge manually (see below).

Manual Battery Gauge Calibration
Before calibrating it's important to determine what the voltage of your battery is. To do this you need to access "Diagnostic Mode." Follow our BionX Diagnostic Mode instructions to determine your battery voltage and then return here to proceed.
If you see that your battery does have the correct voltage and is fully charged, hold down the MODE button for 20 seconds - wait for a loud beep - then release the MODE button. If it doesn't work, retry the above steps a second time. Sometimes it takes 2 runs through to get it to grab.
If you do not get a correct voltage reading, you either have an older battery, a battery which has not been taken care of properly and has therefore lost some of its capacity, or a case specific issue that needs further looking into.