BionX Electric Bike Kit - D500 DV - D-Series

BionX Electric Bike Kit - D500 DV - D-Series

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The new BionX D-Series is finally here and available, bringing more power, more range, and a lot more fun to your rides. The new ultra slim motor design weighs less than ever, providing that smooth and powerful assist we've all been longing for. This 500W BionX ebike kit is very stylish in appearance, yet it offers 250% more torque than the 350W BionX motors, and has a top speed of 20mph!

Like the other BionX systems, the D500 DV BionX Kit offers 4 levels of proportional assist and 4 levels of regenerative braking, but the more powerful motor will provide a more powerful assist than the other BionX kits. You may be wondering how a lighter weight, thinner motor can provide more power than the previous BionX motors, but it's actually quite simple. Imagine what it would be like if your car had a very small steering wheel, it would take much more energy to turn that steering wheel and you'd probably break a sweat just trying to get around town. The same thing, which we call leverage, can also be applied to motors. The larger diameter of the motor offers more leverage, which requires less energy to turn. BionX engineers also figured out that by putting the hub motor "between" the spokes, the motor no longer has to support the weight of the rider, bicycle, and gear, thus making it possible to carve an extra 2lbs off the motor's weight by using lighter weight materials. BionX has always made very high quality, well engineered ebike systems, but they've really outdone themselves on this D500 system.

The BionX D500 DV electric bike kit utilizes all the latest in ebike technology, such as motor/controller integration, regenerative braking, a proven strain gauge for accurate and smooth assist, LCD dashboard control center, and a truly original motor design for extreme efficiency and stylish appearance. The long range 48V 11.6AH down tube mounted battery pack offers up to 80 miles of range with ideal conditions.


  •       Top speed: 20mph
    Range: 80 miles with ideal conditions - Varies based on assist level, rider's weight, terrain, etc.
    Torque (nom./max.) 25/50 Nm
    Controller integrated with 500W motor
    Entire system including battery weighs 18lbs
    48V 11.6AH lightweight lithium manganese battery (555Wh)
    Battery mounts to down tube
    4 levels of proportional assist
    4 levels of regenerative braking
    Use throttle-only setting when you don't want to pedal
                    All 2014 BionX 48V batteries are now equipped with a Deep Sleep function which preserves energy and increases shelf life
Battery docking station type - DT (Down Tube)
Motor Assembly - 500w/700w - Black -32 spoke holes
G2 Console Display
Charger - 26V 3.45A (Battery circuitry steps up voltage to charge 48v battery)
BionX User Manual
BionX Installation Guide
Compatible with up to a 10-speed cassette