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The entry level BionX S350 RL electric bicycle kit is a great option for those looking to do some hill climbing, or enjoy off-road riding through wooded trails and scenic mountains! With 4 levels of proportional electric assist, the BionX S350 RL ebike kit will make those treacherous hills feel like level ground. With 4 levels of regenerative braking, you'll actually recharge your battery as you descend down hills! Not only will you be capturing wasted energy, but your brake pads will last much longer as well. For those times you just don't feel like pedaling, the BionX ebike kits also have a throttle-only mode that can be activated once the bike is moving faster than 2mph.The BionX conversion kits incorporate the latest ebike technologies such as true torque sensing for different levels of assist, regenerative braking, and software that allows each component to communicate in order to provide a quiet and smooth ride.

The S350 RL BionX kits are powered by a 48V 6.6AH battery that uses a rack-mount system (included). When your frame permits, the down-tube battery is usually going to be your best option since it keeps your weight low to the ground and well balanced. If you like this S350 RL system but would prefer a down-tube mount battery, you'll want to see our separate BionX listing for the S350 DL kit, which is identical to this kit, but with a down-tube battery instead of rack mount.

SPECIAL TERMS OF SALE: This item has never been used, and includes a 6 month manufacturer's warranty. The day you receive your kit is the day the 6 month warranty begins. This kit is NOT returnable. It will be registered with Bionx by us, for you, for the warranty. Please call or write with any questions. This is truly a steal, and there is a very limited quantity left. As long as this listing is displayed, there's at least one still available. 


  •       Top speed: 20mph
    Range: 50 miles with ideal conditions - Varies based on assist level, rider's weight, terrain, etc.
    Torque (nom./max.) 6.6/29.5 lb.ft. (9.0/40.0 Nm)
    Controller integrated with 350W motor
    Entire system including battery weighs under 15lbs
    48V 6.6AH lightweight lithium battery (317wh)
    Battery mounts to rear rack (included)
    4 levels of proportional assist
    4 levels of regenerative braking
    Use throttle-only setting when you don't want to pedal
                    All 2014 BionX 48V batteries are now equipped with a Deep Sleep function which preserves energy and increases shelf life
Battery docking station type - Rack Mount
Motor Assembly - 350w -300rpm - G2 - Black -32 spoke holes
G2 Console Display
Charger - 26V 3.45A (Battery circuitry steps up voltage to charge 48v battery)
BionX User Manual
BionX Installation Guide
Threaded hub compatible with up to a 8-speed freewheel