Brake Inhibit for brake cable - Sensor and Magnet

Brake Inhibit for brake cable - Sensor and Magnet

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This magnetic brake inhibit sensor can be installed either along your frame where the rear brake cable is exposed, or on your brake lever assembly. The sensor is installed on the stationary part (brake lever assembly or frame) and the magnet is installed on the moving part (brake lever or brake cable). At rest, the sensor and magnet are nearly touching, allowing power to the motor. When the brake lever is squeezed, the magnet moves further away from the sensor thus breaking the circuit and stopping all power to the motor. This magnetic brake inhibit sensor is a great alternative to changing your brake lever assemblies if you are attached to the brake handles you have already.

Brake inhibits are recommended on any system, and especially when there is a cruise control feature. These brake inhibits plug into the 3-pin plug on all ElectricRider Phoenix controllers. Brake inhibits are used to break the circuit in order to shut down power to the motor under any circumstances, such as forgetting to release the throttle before applying the brakes, or to deactivate cruise control.


  •       Shuts down power to the motor when inhibit is activated
    Sensor allows user to keep original brakes
    When brake is squeezed, magnet moves further from sensor thus cutting the power to the motor