Folding Electric Bike - Urban Escape 2kW - For Fast Commuting

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The 2000W Urban Escape Electric Bike is an absolute dream commuter bicycle! Not only can it cruise at 35 mph with no help from the rider, but it can fold in seconds to be carried onto a bus, train, or taxi for that part of your commute that cannot be ridden by e-bike. ElectricRider has hand selected the right electric bicycle drive systems for specific applications, and the 2000W Phoenix Cruiser 4840 power system is able to keep up with residential and city traffic, making it ideal for safely commuting on 2 wheels. This urban commuter is built on the famous Montague Paratrooper Folding bicycle frame for a mixture of sturdiness, ruggedness, and comfort when traveling at high speeds. This high quality e-bike appears very innocent, but the 2.5hp electric motor is designed to get you to your destination as fast as your gas vehicle could, but without the traffic, frustration, and expense. Let's face it, bicycle parking gets the best locations everywhere, usually placed near the entrance to a building, and never including a meter to feed. The Urban Escape is such a cost effective electric bike for commuting that many owners recover their ebike investment in the first year! No gas, oil changes, insurance, tags, etc. The digital dashboard display (APM-Display) allows you to limit power to remain street legal, and set maximum power when desired. This folding frame is designed for military use, making it light yet durable, and compact yet full-featured. This long range electric bike comes equipped with an extremely light-weight 48V 15AH lithium Ion battery, weighing only 9.5lbs! The average rider can expect anywhere between 15-20 miles of range without pedaling, and over 30 miles with pedaling!
The Urban Escape Electric Bicycle is ElectricRider's best e-bike for safely commuting at city and residential speed limits. Please practice safe riding habits and never exceed your personal limits! Call or write with any questions, our expert staff is more than happy to help!


  •       48V 15AH Lithium Battery for 15-20 miles of range, NO pedaling!
    2000W High Speed Hub Motor w/ Top Speed of 35 mph!
    Pass all that traffic as you get to your destination with time to spare!
    No Gas - No Parking - No Pollution - No Oil - No License - No Insurance!
    Folding frame fits in the trunk of your car, and can be carried onto a train or bus!
                    Model: Urban Escape E Bike
Frame: Montague Paratrooper Folding Bicycle
Frame Size: 20 inch
Motor: 2000W Phoenix II Cruiser Hub Motor
Controller: 48V 40A (2000W)
Battery: 48V 15AH Extended Range Lithium Battery (LiMN) - Weighs only 9.5lbs!
Battery Model: LiM4815-22
Range: 15-20 Miles (No Pedaling) or 25-30 Miles (With Casual Pedaling)
Top Speed: 35 mph
Torque: Moderate
Best Used For: City Commuting - Commuting with DUI - Real Transportation, Far Ahead of Most Ebikes