LiFePO4 Lithium 36V 10AH Clydesdale Edition Battery for Electric Bikes

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ElectricRider's 36V 10AH LiFePO4 Clydesdale Edtion batteries can be used to power 36V loads from E-bikes and electric scooters to inverters. These Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Clydesdale Edition batteries, produced by ElectricRider here in the USA, are rated at 1500 to 2000 recharge cycles by the cell manufacturer and come installed with a high current battery management system (BMS). The BMS ensures that the battery remains within manufacturer limits for maximum recharge cycle life, and protects the battery from overcharge and over-discharge. The BMS is also responsible for balancing each row of cells during the charge cycle. VeriBest Lithium Battery Charger is included. Fully charged voltage is 43.8V. If you require specific dimensions, don't hesitate to call or write ElectricRider: 325-227-6903 or

**Please Note: Due to FedEx HazMat regulation on batteries somebody (not necessarily buyer) MUST sign upon delivery.
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