Phoenix II Electric Bike Kit - CUSTOM OPTIONS

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Phoenix II EBike Kits have been changing lives for over a decade, offering enough hub motor power to replace gas vehicles for fast, reliable electric bicycle commuting. Phoenix II conversion kits are designed to do all the work, giving the rider the freedom to pedal as much or as little as desired. The dashboard display not only provides information to the rider such as speed, trip distance, battery voltage, watts, etc, but also includes programmable parameters such as limiting top speed and current. These features make it possible to remain within the legal limits of your state when necessary, while being able to utilize full power when off-road or when conditions permit. Convert anything from tricycles and recumbents to pedicabs and food vendor carts, Phoenix electric motor kits can do it all!

There are several options to choose from starting with two hub motor options: The Phoenix II Cruiser (High Speed) and Phoenix II Brute (High Torque). With 5 controller power options from 900W to 3000W, there's a Phoenix kit for about every application out there. ElectricRider has always focused on high performance for real ebike commuting, somewhere between an electric bike and electric motorcycle. Whether you have steep hills to climb, have lost your license from DUI, or simply get a thrill from high speed biking, Phoenix II hub motor kits can satisfy all your high performance electric bike desires!


  •       Phoenix II ebike kits are maintenance free and designed to last forever, with reports of over 50,000 miles from some customers!
    2 Motor Options:Cruiser hub motor for speed or Brute hub motor for torque
    5 Controller Options for Power, from 900W to 3000W!
    Program parameters such as speed and current to keep it legal on the road, and change it back in seconds for full power off-road!