Phoenix SLA Wire Set 48V - For Phoenix systems

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The following items are included with this product:

  • Anderson SB50 50A 10-12ga Connector Black(1)
  • 50A Maxi Fuse(1)
  • Fuse Holder 50A includes fuse50(1)
  • Jumper wire appx 36 inches with 1/4 inch terminals each end2(2)
  • Wire Set 72V - For Phoenix system (One charger port for 72v charger)(1)

Wire Set 48V - For Phoenix electric bike conversion kits and other hub motor conversion kits that use a 48v SLA battery pack. Includes 50A Maxi Fuse.


  •       Wire Set 48V - For Phoenix systems
    For any SLA battery pack up to 50A current draw (50A fuse included)