Roadrunner II 4825 16 inch Electric Bike Kit Front

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ElectricRider manufacturers many different ebike kits for bicycles, and each system is designed to offer advantages for different applications. This 48V ebike kit is designed specifically to maximize speed and torque for those small 16 inch wheels. We're proud to introduce the new 1200W Front RoadRunner II ebike kit for 16 inch wheels! Since the original RoadRunner motors were discontinued, customers with 16 inch wheels have struggled to find a quality electric bike kit with more than just the ability to assist. Whether your project goal is an electric recumbent, motorized trike, or electric folding bike with 16 inch wheels, this reliable hub motor kit will get the job done. In response to customer requests and feedback, we brought back the power of the original RoadRunner system, improved the motor design, and the new 16 inch RoadRunner II 4825 kit was born! This 48V electric bike kit can reach a comfortable 15mph on a 16 inch wheel, but the real benefit is the amount of hill climbing, trailer pulling torque this direct drive hub motor produces. Whether you're riding scenic mountain trails or have steep hills to conquer, this 48V RoadRunner II kit will turn a regular bicyclists nightmare into a fun, relaxing ride!

A front hub motor might be your best choice when:
- Your bicycle has a rear coaster brake.
- Batteries will be placed on a rear rack.
- The bike uses a belt drive for the pedals, which is not compatible with most hub motors.
- The front forks are steel, non-suspension forks that can handle the motor's torque.


  •       Direct drive / Gearless hub motor
    Lightweight motor works with rim brakes (not disc brake compatible)
    Small diameter motor fits 16 inch rims
    1200W of power provides great torque for hills
    Motor can be used as sensor or sensorless by disconnecting sensor plug
                    Top Speed on 16 inch rim: 15mph
Torque at 48V 25A: 44.40Nm
Voltage: 48 Volts
Front Axle Dropout: Standard 100mm
Anderson power pole 45A connector for phase wires
Mini-XLR 5-pin plug for hall effect