T5500 Amazing Universal Lithium Battery Case - Topeak Compatible

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This heavy duty lithium battery case is ElectricRider's solution for mounting lithium batteries to a rack. If you purchase this case and one of ElectricRider's lithium battery packs, ElectricRider will install your battery for NO EXTRA CHARGE! This version of the case includes the rail on bottom for compatibility with Topeak Racks, and a hole with grommet for your wires to exit the case. Each battery case comes full of perforated foam that can be sized just right for your electric bike battery. Each case has a handle for easy carrying and weighs only 2.8lbs (no battery)! These cases are rated as water-proof, although we must put a hole in the side for the wires to exit. If you have any questions about this case or one of our batteries to fit this case, please call or write, we're here to help.

Any of the following Lithium Manganese (LiMn) batteries will require this size case: LIM7215-22 (72V 15AH), LIM7220-22 (72V 20AH)

Any of the following Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries will require this size case: LIF3620-33 (36V 20AH), LIF4815-33 (48V 15AH), LIF4820-33 (48V 20AH)

NOTE: Some batteries must be custom built to fit these cases. When a battery and case are ordered together, we will build the battery properly to fit the case. However, if you are ordering a case for a battery you already have, please compare the dimensions of your battery to the inside dimensions of this case to verify it will fit.


  •       Inside Dimensions: 9.37 x 7.34 x 6.08 (inches) 
    Outside Dimensions: 10.18 x 8.55 x 6.78 (inches)
    Free lithium battery installation when purchased with battery
    Foam inserts protect battery
    Case equipped with water-proof seal (Hole for wires placed on side is only entry point for water)
    Case equipped with holes for padlock to secure battery case to electric bike
    High impact resistant ABS plastic
    Stainless steel hinge pins
  • Inside Dimensions: 9.37 x 7.34 x 6.08 (inches)
  • Outside Dimensions: 10.18 x 8.55 x 6.78 (inches)
  • Weight:3.58 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Depth Rate: 3 feet for 30 minutes