Torque Arm for Hub Motors - Front and Rear - Axle Flat to Flat 10mm

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Universal Torque Arm for Electric Bike Hub Motors with a 10.5mm, flat to flat axle measurement. These torque arms fit about as tight on the axle as you can get, sized to ElectricRider's specifications. There's almost nothing more frustrating than hitting the throttle the first time on your brand new hub motor kit and watching the axle turn instead of the rim, ripping the motor wires out of the motor or just chopping them off in the process. Torque arms are a very wise investment, and if you're not sure whether or not you need to use a torque arm? Use a torque arm.

Don't let their size fool you, we've tested them on industrial trikes pulling 500+lbs up hill with our Super Brute motor, and we haven't broken any yet. Just remember, it's a combination of the axle fitting tightly in the dropouts, the axle nuts being properly tightened AND the use of a torque arm that keeps the axle from turning. 


  •       Phoenix Front or rear Motor Torque Arm
    Universal torque arm fits any frame and any axle with flat to flat axle measurement of 10mm