VeriBest Smart Charger for SLA Batteries 48V 4A w/XLR Plug

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Veribest Sealed Lead Acid Battery Chargers have been tested against the industry's best by an independent lab and judged to be as good as or better than the most expensive, highest-rated chargers on the market today, including Soneil chargers. VeriBest chargers will help protect and strengthen your battery investment at an extremely affordable price. VeriBest chargers have protective features such as reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, etc. Most VeriBest chargers are fused on both the AC and DC circuits, and the fuses are easily accessible without openning the case. With the exception of 12V chargers, all chargers from ElectricRider have a 3-pin XLR plug for the output unless otherwise specified or requested. ElectricRider has several plug options to choose from, and will install the one of your choice by request.


  •       Leave it plugged in regardless of the battery's charge level
    3-pin XLR plug Installed
    Reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, and over-voltage protection
    Universal input
    One year warranty